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Formal Water Utility Billing Complaint Form

  1. **Note:State Law requires that a complainant file and process an "Informal Complaint" before the "Formal Complaint" process can be used. Initial complaints submitted using this form will be processed as "Informal Complaints" in accordance with these requirements.** Customers of Water Utility Companies under City jurisdiction (operating within the City Limits) may file complaints with the City if they believe that they have been billed incorrectly. In order to file a complaint, the customer must file the appropriate form and follow the City's Billing Dispute Resolution Process.
  2. Account Holder's Name
  3. Service Address
  4. Alternate Contact Address (If different from Service Address)
  5. Information on Water Utility
  6. Please describe, in detail, the dispute you are having with your water utility company.
  7. Please upload all documents relevant to your complaint, including disputed bills, correspondence to and from the Utility Company about the complaint, and any other documentary evidence you may have related to the complaint.
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