Veteran's Memorial Project

In 2017 the City Council identified the creation of a veteran's memorial as a priority goal for the City.  In the 2017-2018 City Budget, approximately $25,000 was set aside to fund the planning and design of the memorial.  At this time, the City has hired the architectural firm Studio 16:19 to engage with the community and stakeholders to begin the design process, which will be overseen by the City's Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.  More information on the project will be posted here as it becomes available.  Questions about this project can be emailed to the City's Public Works Manager, Jason New, at

Important Project Dates & Events

06/26/2018:  The initial design workshop on the Bulverde Veterans Memorial Project was held on the evening of 06/21/2018.  A questionnaire and visual preference survey were conducted/facilitated by Studio 16:19, the City’s design consultant, to gain public input on the project.  The information gathered from the surveys will be considered in the development of preliminary design concepts and site selection.  Workshop #2 will be held on Thursday, July 26th, starting at 6:00 p.m. (during the next regular Parks Board meeting - City Hall), at which Studio 16:19 will walk the participants through the preliminary design concept; graphics/imagery will be presented and public comments/suggestions will be recorded for inclusion in the final design concept.  If you would like an opportunity to fill out the written questionnaire that was circulated at the initial meeting, please contact Jason New, the City's Public Works Manager, by email at or by phone at 830-980-8832 to request the survey.  Survey responses will need to be received by no later than COB Friday, June 29th.

06/13/2018:  Workshop #1 with Studio 16:19 is set for 06/21/2018 starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Bulverde City Hall.  This is a Community-wide Stakeholder meeting to discuss the Memorial and to introduce the project team.  Studio 16:19 will present its findings from the Site Analysis Task to the Workshop participants and issue the pros and cons of each of two proposed sites (within the Bulverde Community Park) with recommendations as to which site would lend itself better for the Memorial.  Workshop participants will be asked to provide input regarding what elements must be included in the Memorial development as well as elements and/or issues that are deemed unacceptable and should be diminished within the Memorial.  Studio 16:19 will also conduct and facilitate a visual preference survey with Workshop participants.  The purpose of the visual preference survey is to provide active participation in the design process for the Project and to establish and identify preliminary design elements (parts and pieces including materials, aesthetics, landscape, finishes, and colors) for the Memorial that meet the needs of the community and address the issues and concerns of the Stakeholders.  Studio 16:19 will develop preliminary design concepts based on the information identified and gathered during Workshop #1.  A second Workshop will be scheduled with time and date to be determined.  

05/24/2018: The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board will receive a presentation from Studio 16:19 architectural firm related to the process for the design phase of the Veteran's Memorial Project.  The agenda for the meeting is available at the following link: Click Here