Emergency Information

Severe Rainfall/Flooding Possible This Weekend

Due to severe weather caused by Hurricane Harvey, a significant rainfall and flash flooding event is now possible in the Bulverde area over the next few days.   A local state of emergency has been declared and the Comal County Emergency Operations Center has been activated.

If residents experience a life threatening emergency, they should call 911 immediately.  

If residents observe significant storm damage, flooded roadways, hazardous debris, or other storm related dangerous conditions, they may report them by clicking here.   City personnel will be in the field and monitoring the reporting tool throughout the storm event.  Timely reports by local residents will help ensure that barricades are placed as quickly as possible in hazardous areas, and that dangerous conditions are remedied as soon as possible after the storm passes. 

Important Flood Preparedness Tips:

  • Avoid low water crossings. NEVER attempt to drive around a barricade. Turn Around, Don’t Drown! 
  • Avoid walking or driving through flood waters.
  • Do not drive over bridges that are over fast-moving floodwaters. Floodwaters can scour foundation material from around the footings and make the bridge unstable.
  • Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and one foot of moving water can sweep your vehicle away.
  • If there is a chance of flash flooding, move immediately to higher ground.
  • If floodwaters rise around your car but the water is not moving, abandon the car and move to higher ground. However, do not leave the car and enter fast moving water.
  • Avoid camping or parking along streams, rivers, and creeks during heavy rainfall. These areas can flood quickly and with little warning.
  • Turn on your TV/radio. You will receive the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.
  • Know where to go. You may need to reach higher ground quickly and on foot.
  • Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit. Include a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies.
  • Prepare Your Home
    • Bring in outdoor furniture and move important indoor items to the highest possible floor. This will help protect them from flood damage.
    • Disconnect electrical appliances and do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water. You could be electrocuted.
    • If instructed, turn off your gas and electricity at the main switch or valve. This helps prevent fires and explosion.

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