Planning & Development


The Planning & Development Services Department strives to serve the public by adhering to the professional standards of community planning, code compliance, and development services. We offer assistance in providing accurate information for anyone seeking to relocate or develop within the City Limits and Extra Territorial Jurisdiction. Staff from the department provides expert assistance to several boards and commissions, including the City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. In addition, the department frequently coordinates with other governmental units, such as Comal County, Texas Department of Transportation and the Alamo Area Council of Governments.

Supporting Offices

The department consists of 3 offices:

  • Office of Building Review and Inspection
  • Office of Code Enforcement
  • Office of Planning and Zoning

Planning and Development has 4 primary missions:

  • To continue our commitment to providing high quality customer service to the various groups we serve, including the general public, builders, developers, land owners, neighborhood groups, city commissions and outside agencies.
  • To enhance the tax base and livability of the community by encouraging high quality growth and development.
  • To maintain fair and consistent application of rules and regulations, encourage broad participation in land use decisions and access to land use data, and provide forward thinking, innovative and solution-oriented advice on community planning, building and resource management issues.
  • To properly manage the growth and development of the community by carrying out adopted policies, and providing professional expertise in the area of city planning and development.

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