1. Administration

    The city administrator shall be the administrative officer of the city who shall serve under the mayor and city council and shall be responsible to the governing body for the proper administration for the affairs of the city.

  2. City Secretary

    The City Secretary is a statutory officer of the municipality appointed by the City Council.

  3. Code Enforcement

    The Office of Code Enforcement and the fire marshal operates out of Planning and Development Services to address concerns of zoning violations, nuisances, fire safety, and other related issues.

  4. Finance

    The Finance Department accomplishes this mission by ensuring all the financial operations and transactions of the city.

  5. Parks & Recreation

    We are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and convenient recreational experience for the residents of Bulverde and the surrounding area.

  6. Planning & Development

    Planning and Development Services strives to be on the cutting-edge of technology. We offer assistance in locating properties and providing useful information.

  7. Police

    View the officers serving the City of Bulverde.

  8. Public Works

    The Public Works Department provides public services for the citizens of Bulverde while maintaining a superior infrastructure in a clean and safe environment.

  9. Utilities

    The City of Bulverde does not own or operate any utility infrastructure or service.

  10. Strategic Initiatives

    Review some of the strategic initiatives currently in progress in the city.